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As a company with more than 30 years of experience in services we know very well what customers expect from a software partner. To benefit from purchasing new software you need to make sure that it is immediately available and quickly established. With on-the-job training and support tailored to suite your needs the members of your staff are placed in position to apply the software fast and efficiently.

  • Advisory service: Expectations in software differ dependent on the aim you want to achieve. The staff of FIDES DV-Partner takes the time to find the best solution for you.
  • Training courses: We offer different training models, starting with workshops in small classes covering general topics up to the most effective model with on-company individual training on the project.
  • Support and technical assistance in installation, start-up problems and in daily exercise is provided by a direct contact person. In our opinion a good hotline is characterized by availability, expertise and the degree of reliance. Customer satisfaction confirms this engagement.
  • Software maintenance and updates: To stay competitive your software has to be up-to-date. Computer programs need to be adjusted to codes and standards, to changes in hardware and systems software. This means that software has to be administered constantly  - an important service to ensure the value of your investment.

Engineering services

  • Project consulting: Especially in projects with exceptional requirements an expert guidance often turns out to be more beneficial than struggling with unfamiliar fields.
  • Project assistance: Reduce project duration and increase knowledge adaption by leraning-on-doing. Carry out a project in collaboration with a specialist.
  • Project accomplishment: Due to the fact we're not competing with our customers the complete handling of projects by FIDES is an exceptional solution. But in acute shortage of manpower capacity or missing work equipment we certainly stand by our clients.
  • Input parameterisation and macro coding: Reinventing the wheel is an expensive approach. Targeted on recurring sequences and procedures we can generate smart solutions to save your time and money.
  • Custom-made application programming: Realize your ideas to answer special problems with  tailor-made IT solutions by FIDES.


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