Bridge Design

The SOFiSTiK module portfolio is especially powerful and versatile for advanced analysis and design in all fi elds of bridge engineering. Seamless integration of construction stage analysis, precambering and force optimization for large bridges is available. Analysis with nonlinear effects as well as economical influence line evaluation is possible. From a library of standard load models (roads and railway) to special design and serviceability assessments a large amount of design code information is implemented.

Bridge Design
Bridge Design
Bridge Design

Bridge Types /Construction Methods

  • Single or multi-web beam systems
  • Cable stayed bridges
  • Suspension bridges
  • Slab/Frame/Integral systems
  • Moving and foldable systems
  • Hybrid systems (beam and orthotropic shell deck)
  • Grillages
  • Span-by-span erection with precamber
  • Free and balanced cantilever method (FCM/BCM)
  • Incremental launching with special contact bearing elements (ILM)
  • Extradosed bridges
  • Composite systems


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Bridge Design

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