Bearing Capacity according to DIN 4017

Screenshot: FIDES-BearingCapacity

The program FIDES-BearingCapacity allows a fast and convenient verification of the soil bearing capacity due to DIN 4017 with a comfortable user interface. Verifiable are all common types of foundations (rectangular-, circle- and stripfoundation). The program takes into account an arbitrary number of soil layers as well as the groundwater level.

User interface

  • Object oriented graphic user interface
  • CAD-like input functionality
  • Arbitrary number of polygonally formed soil layers with soil parameter selection from the included and extensible soil layer database used by all FIDES series of geotechnics programs in common
  • Same document format for all FIDES-geotechnics programs
  • Importing possibilities: ASCII-interface file WKEA, DXF, WALLS-Datei WLS
  • Comprehensive online-help with explanation of the calculation method



  • Loadcases with arbitrary excentric and inclined loads
  • Consideration of the slope inclination and the inclination of the foundation base
  • Concise building stage generation
  • Soil layers can be defined with polygons,  thereby arbitrary soil layers are possible
  • The dimensioning of foundations and failure figures occurs automatic and can be edited, complemented or deleted


  • The text contains the complete static verification that can be edited and completed with comments at any time
  • Complete output of the result text in the ASCII-format, RTF or with ZTVK-borders


  • Mixed text and graphic
  • Numerous exporting possibilities e.g. WKEA, DXF, DOC (ZTVK-borders), RTF, EMF


Application range

  • Bearing capacity verification for:
    - Rectangular foundations, - circular foundations, - strip foundations