Interactive Generation and Calculation of Elastic Semi Infinite Space Models

Elastic bedded foundation plates are often calculatied in traditional manor taking into account of the bedding con-stant. In this way, the engineer disregards important effects of the interaction between structure and soil. FIDES-GroundSlab in contrast, includes the stiffness of the soil under the foundation plate by using the elastic semi infinite space modell into the calculation. This soil-structure interdependency results as a rule to the formation of a settlement dell. If coexisting foundations are calculated, then the mutual interdependency of adjacent buildings will be automatically considered.

User interface

  • CAD-like input functionality
  • Extensive import possibilities like e.g. DXF, XML ...
  • Input of the properties of the layered semi infinite space models per drilling profiles in combination with the soil layer database used by all FIDES se-ries of geotechnics programs in common
  • Automatic Finite Element mesh generation
  • Intelligent input helps e.g. at polygon intersec-tions, multiple object selection, ...


  • Integrated calculation kernel SEPP and HASE-2D respectivly ASE and HASE-3D* from SOFiSTiK
  • Linear and non linear* calculation
  • One or more soil plates (FE-Systems) on semi infinite space models (stiffness modulus method)
  • Upcoming walls for stiffening effects of plates*
  • Piles for strengthening of the soil semi space*
  • Input of pointloads, free line- and area loads plus self weight
  • Concise generation of building stages and super-position of loadcases
  • Nonlinearities*: plastification of soil at the plate edge and at the pilefoot, contrasting plate corners
  • Automatic dimensioning of plates, Punch through design of the plates
  • Design with all current established norms (EC, DIN, BS, ACI, ASSHTO amm.)
  • Fully compatible to the SOFiSTiK Finie Element Program System

*extension FIDES-GroundSlab2,5D necessary



  • Settlements and stresses at any depth in the soil
    (free definable 3D-intersections)
  • Internal plate forces and dimension-ing/reinforcement results
  • Envelopes for extremal values



  • mixed text and graphic
  • All SOFiSTiK post processing capabilities avail-able (Animator, Ursula, DBView, WinGRAF, ...)
  • Variouss exporting possibilities e.g. DXF, RTF, MSWord, ...

Application range

  • Flat foundations
  • Calculation of settlements at any depth
  • Determination of mutual interactions of settlements
  • Minimisation of settlements


Useful options and extensions

  • FIDES-GroundSlab-2D
    Basic version for linear calculations
  • FIDES-GroundSlab-2,5D
    Includes non linearities, strengthening walls, strengthening piles

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