Settlements of multiple foundations and interaction in ground view according to DIN 4019

Increased building densities in the cities make accurate predictions of deformations and settlements necessary. The method according to DIN 4019 offers good comparability to other calculation methods, it is widely used and can be easily verified by a sample paper calculation. FIDES-Settlement 2,5D allows the combination of multiple foundations to a single foundation group in ground view and the determination of the interaction of settlements between them.

User interface

  • Object-oriented graphical user interface
  • CAD-like input functionality
  • Input of properties of the layered soil by drilling profiles in combination with the soil layer data-base used by all FIDES series of geotechnics programs in common



  • Settlements due to DIN 4019
  • Circular, rectangular- and strip foundationscombined to foundation groups
  • Any number of soil layers
  • Consideration of groundwater levels
  • Many building stages
  • One drilling soil profile can be defined to each soil layer


  • Settlements as isoline curves
  • Settlements in matrix dots
  • Settlements on significant points of the foundations
  • Results with mixed text and graphic. Results-browser FIDO for post processing and printing of the results


Application range

  • Settlements of single foundations and foundation groups
  • Calculation of the interaction between neighbouring buildings
  • Realistic representation of the effects from excavation stages

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