STeelCON - program for the design of bolted and welded steel connections

Bolted and welded steel connections design according to EC3

STeelCON analyses and designs welded and bolted connections in steel frames according to Eurocode 3. The supported connection types are multi-parametric, allowing the user to achieve the optimum design. For the more complex connections, the program has automatic optimization features. STeelCON can automatically optimize the connection either for maximum strength or optimal design. A tree of connectionís variations that meet the userís requirements is generated. The user specifies the components that the program is allowed to use, such as stiffeners, bolt types, bolt qualities etc.

STeelCON can also be operated within the SOFiSTiK structural analysis system for the dimensioning of the connections between members in steel building frames according to EC3. The user can select the nodes (or groups of nodes) to be designed by a graphical interface. STeelCON will automatically identify the participating members and forces and assign them to the connection. Analysis data of a Steel frame from other programs can also be imported through an ASCII file.

Supported connections types are:

      • Moment frame connections. Connections of this type may be welded or bolted using end plate (extended or flush) or using angle cleats.

      • Shear connections using angle cleats.

      • Footing plate connection in biaxial bending

      • I-Type beam splice connections.

      • Hollow section lattice girder connections of type K and N.

      • Gusset plate connections.

      • Pin Connections.

A new version of STeelCON has been released:


STeelCON - steel connection design
STeelCON - steel connection design
STeelCON - steel connection design