Lateral Torsional Buckling of Straight Plate Girders

The aim of this application is, for in-plane loaded straight plate girders or columns, to determine their load capacity due to lateral torsional buckling, to visualize the buckling behavior and to enable capacity checks according to DIN 18800. The application TWIST is based on energy method. The coefficients of the global system matrix, beside the section data and elastic spring, consist of the all possible loads and internal forces. For approach functions, HERMITE-polynoms of 8th order are used. The are redefined for every single sub span of the girder. With this very accurate approach function for deflections vM(x) and J(x), it is possible to meet the requirements of both, the geometrical as well as the static boundary (respectively transition) conditions, of a multi span girder in an exact way.


Shell and Inputs

  • Varied special profiles
  • Free definable haunches
  • Continous girder upto 10 fields
  • Excentric boundary conditions
  • Rotating elastic support
  • Rotating springs of any kind
  • Translations strength
  • Warping springs
  • Predefined deformations
  • Excentricity of loads
  • Biaxial loadings
  • Arbitrary loads in girder plane


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