FIDES-WinTUBE-3D Tunneling construction

Interactive Graphical Preprocessing for Tunneling and Geotechnical Models for SOFiSTiK Solvers

FIDES-WinTUBE-2D/3D has been initially developed as a specialized tool for tunneling. It includes a lot of wizards to assist the user to define and carry out very easy tunneling-specific tasks. However the functionality of WinTUBE is universal enough to become the tool of choice for many general FE-analysis. Especially if 3D volume models should be analysed and/or successive construction stages need to be simulated.


The integrated SOFiSTiK-interface generates mesh- and calculation-control files and starts the SOFiSTiK-calculation. These ASCII files needn’t, but could be edited manually. In addition to the detailed and illustrated technical report generated directly by WinTUBE-2D/3D, the SOFiSTiK kernel will be requested to generate a file containing a set of plots and numerical results. Additional all SOFiSTiK postprocessing tools may be used at any time.


User Interface

  • CAD-functionality, extensive control of visibilities, named views, intelligent selection of objects, ....
  • Automatic intersection of structural-volumes, ...
  • DXF-import, import of structures from an existing SOFiSTiK-database
  • Numerous wizards f.e. for: tunnel-cross-sections, tunnel-junctions, costruction stages, loading
  • Automatic mesh generation, structured grids and unstructured meshes may be mixed up, automatic detection of structural surfaces, functions for mesh enhancement of selected mesh regions, re-finement- and compulsory points, ...
  • Generation of excavation- or construction phases and loading
  • Data generation for the SOFiSTiK program HYDRA for seepage or thermal analysis
  • Generation of non-linear 2D und 3D-Interface-elements, ...
  • Generation of 3D-Models by extrusion of any plain system, unstructured mesh generator for 3D-meshes with tetrahedral elements, …
  • Generation of sinus shaped eccentricities, saving of the deformed structure, …
  • Simulation of tension- and tubbing-hinges, …
  • Powerful generation of pile and pilecap systems in combination with volume elements
  • FIDES-WinTUBE generates pure ASCII-files, simultaneous editing with FIDES-WinTUBE and a texteditor is possible
  • Merging of multiple files, saving of subsystems, multiple copying, …
  • Visualisization of input-data and results
  • Detailed and illustrated technical report (RTF)
  • Two computational methods for simulating con-struction stages:
    Step-by-step method: mesh with groups for simu-lation of construction stages Iterative (β) method: fixed mesh with stress transi-tion during iterations

FEA Models

  • Non linear beams with distributed non linear bedding
  • 2D analysis (plain strain)
  • Non linear 3D shell structures with distributed non linear bedding
  • Non linear 3D volume structures
  • Iterative non linear 3D volume structures
  • General spatial structures, folded plate structures, bubble soap surfaces

Application Range - Tunneling

  • Cut & cover
  • Shotcreting method
  • Tunnelling machines (TBM)
  • Tubbing-lining
  • 3D detail analyses eg. tubbing hinges, ...
  • Special blocks like tunnel-junctions, branch of emergency exits, portals etc.


Application Range - Geotechnics 

  • Shafts, Slopes, Dams, bulkheads, …
  • Foundations of overall-structures on volume elements, pile- or combined pile-raft-foundations, ...



  • All kinds of volume-structures eg. laminated glass, elastomer bearing, ...
  • Dynamic analysis eg. falling rocks, ...

Useful options and extensions

  • FIDES-WinTUBE-Beam (planar beams)
  • FIDES-WinTUBE-2D (plane strain)
  • FIDES-WinTUBE-3D (spatial structures, comlete package)


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