3D FEM professional

The package for BIM Analysis and 3D Design

The new Package 3D FEM professional meets the requirements for modern design with Building Information Modeling (BIM) tool, supported by Autodesk® Revit® Structure. 3D analysis and design for all regular elements is provided. In addition to 3D modelling, by the help of SOFiSTiK Revit Interface, 2D systems can also be produced from 3D BIM models, where elastic stiffness supports are automatically determined. Additionally, input of cross sections and systems can be done graphically by the AutoCAD® add-on SOFiPLUS.

What Features does the Package offer?

  • 3D FE Beam-, shell-, slab- and shear wall elements
  • Arbitrary beam cross-sections with graphical input
  • Down- and upstand beams as finite beam elements
  • Automatic determination of resulting elastic support stiffness for 2D analysis from 3D BIM Models
  • 3D R/C design in ULS and SLS according to various codes (e.g. EN 1992 with NAs: BS, EHE, FIN, IDM, NF; BS 8110, SNIP)
  • 2D Nonlinear slab analysis acc. t. Eurocode for realistic deflections and most economic design
  • Tension-only bedding for slabs Steel design according to Eurocode (EE, EP for sectional classes 1-3)
  • Interactive graphical post-processing and plotting



What are the conditions?

  • For graphical system input with SOFiPLUS, AutoCAD® or AutoCAD® OEM license is required.
  • For full accessibility to BIM modelling, Autodesk® Revit® Structure is required.
  • For the optimal usage of SOFiSTiK Software, we recommend the Software-service purchase for updates and software support.


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