Licensing instructions

Licensing FIDES-Software

Single User License: New, Update- or Test-license

Annotation for Hardlock users: Please connect the Hardlock to your PC.

  • 1. Copy the lic-file you have received from FIDES into a directory (on your computer or server) ..\Fides_2004\fides_shared\ and after that start your fides-program.
  • 2. Click the menu item "?"  -> "Register". In the "License-/Registrationdialog"  activate "I have a license file".
  • 3. Navigate to your fides_Shared-folder select your license file and press "Open".
  • 4. Press the green button "License File". 
  • 5. After that click the button "Close (Use Specified License File)".


Now the program should show the message "The License is OK". If not, please close the program and restart it. If the program again refuses to work, please send an e-mail or make a phone call to our Support-Team.


Network license: New- or Update-License

Please read the installation manual on page 11. (see left / downloads or also on our FIDES-CD)

Supported Hardlocks for licensing (manufacturer)

USB Hardlock (Aladdin), parallel Hardlock (Aladdin), and USB CodeMeter-Stick  (WIBU). You will find the suitable drivers in our download area.

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