You Want to Request a License

Licensing FIDES-Software

Single User License: New, Update- or Demo-license

  • 1. Start the application (installation required!)
  • 2. If you do not see the license and registration dialog immediately select in the application the menu item "? / Register".
  • 3. Enter the data required in the steps 1., 2. and 3. and use the buttons on step 4. to either send an email or a fax to Fides DV-Partner GmbH Munich.
  • 4. Your license acquirement will be checked and processed. Afterwards you will get a notification via mail, fax or phone.
  • 5. Exit the registration dialog either with the button "Free 14 Day Demo-Version" (yellow) or Cancel (X in the upper right corner of the dialogbox).

Demo-, New-or Update Softlog licenses

Please read the installation manual on page 10. (see left / downloads or also on our FIDES-CD)

SOFiSTiK Software