Trouble shooting guide

FIDES Software

What could you do if you encounter problems with our software?

We always try to get the best out of every bug report. We will fix software developing related problems as soon as possible and bring the solutions quickly.

  • Check for updates

Generally our software is tested on a variety of operating systems, but if you find any issue, in all our programs please first click "?"->"Live Update"->"Check For Updates" to check if the error is already fixed.

  • Update now

If there is an update available, then click the menu item "?"->"Live Update"->"Update Now"

  • Send as email

If there is no update available until now, and your problem is related to a project you are working on, you have the possibility to send us your project attached to an email, just by clicking the menu item: "File"->"Send As Email". In the email please describe the error or problem briefly. Also making a screenshot of the error message could is very helpful.


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