Software consulting

As a company with more than 40 years of experience, we know very well what you can expect when you decide in favour of a software partner when purchasing software. Because purchasing the software alone is not enough. The benefits are only realised when your employees use the software. This requires, firstly, that the programmes are quickly available and installed and, secondly, that the employees are enabled to use the software quickly and efficiently through familiarisation, training and needs-based support – in the sense of a rapid return on investment. Like all products, application programs also have a life cycle that should generally be as long as possible in order to amortise the investment to a high degree and increase your profits. This requires secure software maintenance. We see ourselves as your software partner who reliably fulfils your sales service requirements.

  • Advice: Good advice doesn’t always have to be expensive. It is much more expensive to invest in tools that later fail to fulfil the expectations placed in them, or do so only inadequately. The staff at FIDES DV-Partner are therefore happy to take the time to find the best possible solutions in a consultation with you.
  • We offer training courses in small groups, as this maximises the learning effect. Special topics can also be trained individually. The learning success is particularly high when training in the project, whereby the user moves his workplace to the premises of a FIDES IT partner and works on his project under expert guidance. More general topics of a more informal nature are offered as workshops. Find our training programme here.
  • Support includes advice and assistance from installation and familiarisation through to ongoing support for day-to-day application problems. The user must not be left alone or put on hold, especially with small problems that usually need to be solved quickly. This does not happen if he has direct contact with his personal contact person. For us, a good hotline is characterised by availability, competence and reliability. This attitude is confirmed by the satisfaction of our long-standing customers.
  • Software maintenance, update service: You rightly expect top software to be kept up to date at all times. The programmes must adapt to changes in regulations and standards, they must keep pace with developments in hardware and operating systems, and they must not ignore advances in technology. This means that the software must be permanently and intensively maintained and further developed – an important service that secures your software investment.


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