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FIDES Infrastructure Toolbox (FIT)

End-to-end BIM workflow for geotechnical engineering – faster, simpler, more reliable

End-to-end BIM workflow for geotechnical engineering – faster, simpler, more reliable
Combine geological model, mass determination, planning of excavations, structural analysis, design and plan creation on the basis of a data model in Revit with FIDES software.

Soil layer model

  • Importing and editing DTMs
  • Use of drilling profiles and/or DTM
  • Library with floor materials according to standard

Creating excavation pits

  • Predefined construction pit families (slopes with berm)
  • Link between floor slab or 2D lines and excavation possible
  • Filling of construction pits

Plan derivation

  • Heights
  • Inclination and angle dimensioning
  • Material labelling
  • Slope hatching

Calculation of build-up and removal

  • Mass determination taking into account the construction phases
  • Consideration of construction phases possible

Connection to FIDES geotechnics structural analysis programmes

  • Export of 2D sections
  • Reimport of the calculation results in the form of components such as sheet pile walls, bored pile walls, soldier pile walls, anchors, walings,…

Construction of axle-based structures

  • Fully parameterisable components including Cross slope, variable component heights
  • Unfolding of curved component – curved longitudinal section
  • Cutting at stations

Options / expansion stages

FIDES GeoBIM-Collection

Package for end-to-end BIM workflow in the field of geotechnics

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Expanded calculation and design package for foundation engineering, steel construction and BIM

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