Manage FIDES software and licences clearly and conveniently

The FIDES Service Centre offers you a complete service package for our software. Please download the FIDES Service Centre from the following link to install, license and manage updates for all our programs.

Note: After installation, you will find the link to the “FIDES Service Centre” program in the “FIDES DV-Partner” folder on your desktop. Please double-click to select the FIDES programmes to be installed.

The FIDES Service Centre offers you

  • A clear and bundled installation process
  • Licence requests by e-mail or as a fax template
  • Simple and clear update option
  • A central entry point for our online product and training videos
  • Easy access to FIDES online support
  • Central licence status query
  • Links to the most important information channels
  • … and much more

This allows you to …

  • as an administrator to install FIDES software bundled and faster.
  • to get an overview of our software portfolio and to obtain further information via links on our website.
  • users can get a quick overview of their active licences at any time and print them out.
  • keep your software and licences up to date.