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Tunnelling package 2D

SOFiSTiK and FIDES 2D structural analysis package for tunnelling

The complete package offers you the latest FE calculation kernels from SOFiSTiK as well as graphical input and output with WinTUBE. FIDES Tunnelling 2D provides you with a powerful solution for your tunnelling projects.

This product offers you everything you need to plan your tunnelling projects efficiently and precisely.

The package includes the following modules

Areas of application

  • Open construction
  • Shotcrete construction
  • TBM tunnelling
  • Segment linings
  • Soil injection, icing, hydraulic ground failure
  • Slopes, cuttings, complex excavations
  • Dams, soil-structure interaction
  • Locks, embankment structures, dams, …
  • Concrete in state II, non-linear joints, hot design, …
  • Automatic phi-c reduction
  • Groundwater seepage flow + temperature passage (requires SOFiSTiK HYDRA)

Pricing model

The following price information refers to the package price for FIDES Tunnelling 2D as a single user licence and subscription. Please contact us for an individual offer for purchase and/or network licences.

ABO FIDES Tunnelling 2D as a single user licence with different terms

  • 3 months: €1.070,- plus VAT.
  • 6 months: €1.790,- plus VAT.
  • 12 months: €2,850 plus VAT VAT.

Errors excepted

Options / expansion stages

3D tunnelling package

Complete 3D static package for tunnelling

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