New version of the FIDES infrastructure toolbox – FIT

We are pleased to present the latest functions in the version that has just been released.

We have paid particular attention to points that you have mentioned to us in support requests, in feedback on training courses and in personal discussions.

The three highlights of the new version are

  1. New tool for creating complex excavations
  2. Improved change management for excavation
  3. Set up views faster and easier

NEW: Create complex excavation pits quickly and easily

It is now possible to create complex excavation pits easily, quickly and safely. Excavation pits can be created on the basis of surfaces such as base plates or foundations. Different slope parameters such as inclination and berm width can be selected for each edge.

  • Transition between two different slope inclinations
  • Round slope edges
  • Slopes with any number of berms
  • Inclined floor slabs, ramps, line-based structures such as angled retaining walls

Improved change management for excavations

Changes to excavations can now be implemented and displayed more quickly and securely using the FIDES browser. The excavations and therefore the quantity calculation are also updated when changes are made to the soil layer model.

  • Excavations can now be updated if the soil model or the definition body for the excavation changes
  • It is now possible to change the order in which the strokes are performed at a later date
  • Quick control of visibility for excavations per soil layer and total excavation

Set up views faster and easier

With this version, we deliver a Revit template with various view templates that you can adapt to your needs.

  • With the new “Import view template” command, you can import individual view templates and assign them directly to the current view
  • You can use this command to import and assign individual or multiple templates from a Revit project or Revit template

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